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Hi, I'm Jenna!

Remember that cool cousin or older friend on the playground who you could go to with ALL your curious questions around the body, relationships, or sex? (And, I mean Any & all).


I’m that cool cousin. (wink!)


While I have taken my education & embodiment beyond the playground, PLAY is still an integral part of my practice. 


I live for deep convos on all things Sex, Love, Intimacy, Embodied Passion, Eroticism, Play & Pleasure. 


No, I won’t be tieing you up & whipping you with chains (unless that’s your thing!).


My deep devotion to the work I do with my clients has come from adventure, education & embodiment of Sacred Sexuality.


Working with me is like having a safe and sacred space to explore all of your deepest (and darkest) questions, curiosities, fantasies & desires. 

I do not take your sex lightly - This work is sacred & so are you. 


My desire is to make the Taboo + Tantric tangible and accessible to you as you explore all the powerful portals that love, intimacy & sex can take you through. 


Building strong, fulfilling & fully nourished partnerships are the forefront of my coaching practice and I take a love forward approach to your own exploration and vulnerability. I want you to feel completely comfortable & liberated as you explore your own portal of passion, power & presence in the sacredness that is s{e}x and sensuality.


I am committed to meeting you where you are at on this journey and I can’t wait to begin with you.

My Story

It all started on the playground….

(Hello theme for me life & work!)


I grew up in a household where both the scientific & the spiritual were celebrated.


My father is a Medical Doctor & my mother is a Spiritual Mentor, so I was free to explore my nerdy curiosity for the body & alternative sources of truth, power & connection. 


This is where my deep reverence for sex ed & self-ed is rooted.


AND… It meant that I was the kid on the playground teaching the other kids about anatomy, periods, handjobs & sex - I had the medical info & I had the “secrets” most kids didn’t. 


This ‘mocktail’ of curiosity & education took me from the playground to the PLAYground (you know what I mean ;) ).


As I began my own SELF education & exploration with sex, I started questioning a lot. I spent most of my early years on antidepressants & I hadn’t experienced a lot of the pleasure sensation most people talked about. 


I felt like a fraud - Here I was teaching everyone else about sex, but I hadn’t experienced the apex feeling myself - ORGASM. 


I KNEW about orgasms, but I wasn’t having them… I thought I was broken. 


I had this inner knowing there was something more to experience, but I couldn’t ‘get there.’ 


Being on medication saved me AND it numbed me out - I couldn’t trust a body I didn’t feel. Going off of the meds meant I had to rebuild my relationship with my body. 

So, I began my journey with Sacred Sexuality. Learning to BE with my body through breath, meditation, shadow work & ancient tools that taught me how to work with my emotions brought my body back online. 


And then… My first ORGASM!


There are of course many more chapters of this story, but what I want you to know is that you are not broken. 


Your sex life is not over - It doesn’t have to stay vanilla & your body is not against you. 


Learning how to trust yourself & your body is the way to more depth, connection & PLEASURE. 


My embodiment has really expanded me as I dive deeper into this sacred space through self practice, navigating love, dating & now partnership. 


Pleasure is your birthright & I can’t wait to help support you. 


With gratitude & love,


Here to support you in your journey to cultivating more pleasure, play & intimacy in your life!

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