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Jenna standing in green grass wearing blush pink dress looking over shoulder at the camera and smiling her long blonde hair is down and curled wearing pink lipstick

Hi, I'm Jenna!

I am a intimacy & love coach, guiding hearts back into their full, turned on expression.


My intention is to connect folks with their bodies, to find their breath again and remember what it feels like to play, feel pleasure and connect deeper with self & others.

Sex and your connection to your sensual self doesn't have to be so serious, it can be easeful, relaxing and nourishing. 


I believe my souls purpose on this planet is to nurture and guide hearts back home to their pleasure. This has been my own personal journey and it has powerfully changed nearly every aspect of my life. 

My Story

I grew up with a dad as a medical doctor and a mom as a spiritual mentor.


This dynamic duo created me, a student of life - rooted in science, yet open and receptive to the subtle (and not so subtle sometimes) energetics of life.


I have been obsessed with observing and unpacking love since I was a little girl. Do you remember TLC’s A Wedding Story? I spent a lot of time exploring what love & intimacy meant to different people.


I studied psychology and sociology in school, deepening my understanding of the complexities of this human experience.


After school I spent years in self study of human connection, conscious relating, sacred sexuality, sexual polarity and energy work.


I know I am here to deepen and embody more love. To support and guide hearts back to their own self love & nourishment to ultimately enrich our connections.

I have found some of my deepest healing in sex, sensuality, mindfulness & energy work.

I am now ready to share this with you!


We aren’t meant to do it alone. This life is meant to be shared, full of pleasure and really playful!

Allow me to be your permission slip to connect back to the playful parts of yourself and to fully embody your pleasure. 

My Love Language

Words of affirmation & quality time.

Here to support you in your journey to cultivating more pleasure, play & intimacy in your life!

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