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Private Coaching


This may be for you if....

Are you desiring a deeper connection to self?

Are you curious about tapping into your erotic side?

Do you want to reduce shame & guilt around sex & pleasure?

Would you love to feel more ease & flow in your sex life?

Do you feel ready to reconnect with playfulness in your intimacy and stop taking it so seriously? 

Are ready to focus on YOUR pleasure?

Do you desire more decadent relationships?

Are you curious about dipping into the layers of your sensual and sexual expression?

Feels right?

What is included...

We work together over 3 months


Before each session we start off by addressing your intention for our time together. 

All our calls are private and one on one, hosted on Zoom.

Customized tools to help you integrate the work we talk about and continue to embody your desires.

Each session looks different and is customized to your needs. Sessions could include:

-conversation & coaching

-embodiment practices

-guided meditations

-guided visualizations


Themes Explored 

Reducing shame & guilt when it comes to sex, sensuality & eroticism. 

Connecting to your senses & invoking your sensuality. 

Sacred Sexuality, bringing mindfulness, and your spirituality into your relationship to your sexuality. Together we can make this part of your wellness feel more pleasure filled and fulfilling.

Embodiment to experience in your body your most authentic self and play in your erotic side. 

Pleasure techniques, the compassionate, pleasure centered sex ed you probably didn't learn in school. 


3 month Package

pink silk fabric

Two,  75 Minute calls per month 

6 calls in total

Integration tools given to support between calls

Voice & text support Monday - Friday for on the

spot coaching, witnessing and celebration

Price $1969 CAD

Payment plans starting at $329/month

Love Notes

Oh what can I say...

Jenna is the epitome of an embodied sex priestess who has opened up her knowledge & education to helping me feel safe, seen & free to explore more within myself.


I truly felt like nothing was off limits in terms of working with my shadow, desires & sensuality. The impact of this process took me beyond my intellectual knowledge and into the depths of what I was trying to call in.


I felt so validated & free to be any and all versions of myself in archetype & feminine expression.


I can't wait to continue working deeper with Jenna. Thank you !


- Martina, Ontario, Canada

If this feels aligned... 

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