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Jenna Miller standing in grassy meadow with flowing blush pink dress playing spinning

Pleasure, play & Intimacy

Pleasure is my Playground
Making the taboo + tantric tangible & accessible through deep convos on
sex, love & intimacy

Let'sPlay Together 

pink silk fabric

 Private Mentorship 

Are you ready to step into your full radiance? To feel playful and abundant? To feel turned on by life?


I welcome you to join me in 1:1 private coaching sessions to deepen into personal support cultivating more pleasure, play & intimacy. 

water and sand with a pink hue


A mini retreat, in person, to deepen your relationship with self, meet new edges of your expression & awaken more pleasure!

Play in embodiment, breathwork and visualization. A customized experience to your unique desires.

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Guest Speaking

 Need an expert on infusing mindfulness and spirituality with intimacy?

Are you looking to deepen connections, stimulate new ways of approaching intimacy or reinvigorate the conversation around relationships? 

Jenna sitting on dry grassy hill with pink felt hat, white tshirt and off the shoulder grey cardigan

Hi Beautiful,

Remember that cool cousin or older friend on the playground who you could go to with ALL your curious questions around the body, relationships, or s(e)x? (And, I mean Any & all).


I’m that cool cousin. (wink!)


While I have taken my education & embodiment beyond the playground, PLAY is still an integral part of my practice. 


I live for deep convos on all things Sex, Love, Intimacy, Embodied Passion, Eroticism, Play & Pleasure. 


No, I won’t be tieing you up & whipping you with chains (unless that’s your thing!).


My deep devotion to the work I do with my clients has come from adventure, education & embodiment of Sacred Sexuality.


Working with me is like having a safe and sacred space to explore all of your deepest (and darkest) questions, curiosities, fantasies & desires. 

My desire is to make the Taboo + Tantric tangible and accessible to you as you explore all the powerful portals that love, intimacy & sex can take you through. 


Building strong, fulfilling & fully nourished partnerships are the forefront of my coaching practice and I take a love forward approach to your own exploration and vulnerability.


I want you to feel completely comfortable & liberated as you explore your own portal of passion, power & presence in the sacredness that is sex and sensuality.

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Love Notes

"Where do I even start? Jenna has completely transformed my mindset around love, sacred sexuality, relationships, and self worth. Prior to working with Jenna 1:1, I had a very poor track record of relationships, and found it was coming from a worthiness issue, as well as not owning my feminine power and energy. After working with her, not only did I learn how to dance between my masculine and feminine energy, but I ended up attracting an amazing partner DURING working with Jenna. I'm now in a relationship that's fulfilling, loving, and caring. I 100% credit Jenna for helping me learn healthy communication skills, harnessing my energies, and tapping into pleasure and play to live a more fulfilled and joyful life. This has also spilled over into my work life - I'm attracting more money, dream clients, and a flexible schedule that I thought would never happen. I truly feel more radiant, confident, and transformed after my work with Jenna. Our work was so valuable that I'm continuing sessions with her - it's a no-brainer! Thank you Jenna - you are a GIFT!"

- Chelsea Riffe, Florida, USA

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